Lack of documentation, the Lazio Region withdraws funding for sports facilities

Three gyms, one in the VIII municipality of Rome, one in Nepi and one in Velletri, will not receive the money allocated by the Lazio Region for modernization and safety measures. The incredible fact, however, is that Pisana had put the money, or 50 thousand euros per plant, into the budget. The three entities involved, however, did not fully complete the “homework” and the funding was eventually withdrawn.

The “Sport in / e Movimento” call

With a resolution of October 2017, the Lazio Region had launched a tender, “Sport in / and movement”, for the redevelopment of sports facilities, allocating 6 million and 500 thousand euros in three years. The notice provides for the granting of capital grants for interventions on existing sports facilities. It is therefore possible to carry out reconversion, redevelopment, technological adaptation and safety legislation, containment of energy consumption, modernization works. In short, important jobs, especially since we are talking about gyms which, in most cases, are inside schools, therefore used by thousands of boys and girls. Participants in the call, by submitting a project, can obtain a contribution up to a maximum of 50 thousand euros

The gymnasium in the eighth town hall

Municipio VIII of Roma Capitale had decided, in 2019, to participate in the tender. In the determination of 20 September 2022 by the Lazio Region Youth Civil Service and Sports Policy Directorate, it is stated that the funds would be used for the modernization and adaptation of the safety regulations for the gymnasium of the Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa middle school. At the end of 2020 the money of the Region was ready: only some documents were needed from the VIII Municipality. They asked for an act of commitment, the sending of the surety, the final / executive project and a time schedule of the works. Too bad that, despite the reminders, “Roma Capitale – Municipality VIII did not provide what was requested” with the consequent “forfeiture of the benefit assigned and the revocation of the grant granted”.

Velletri and Nepi

A similar story for the historic football and athletics facility in Velletri, the “Giovanni Scavo”. Here too, the municipality had participated in the tender for a project called designed for the extraordinary maintenance of the stadium and its energy efficiency. The Region had granted a contribution of 50 thousand euros, but the money Pisana recovered because the municipality, despite the requests, did not provide the right documentation. Even the municipality of Nepi has missed the famous 50 thousand euros, which had been obtained for the redevelopment and adaptation of the outdoor field and the running track in “Tre portoni”, a well-known multipurpose facility in the city. Also in this case, the documents such as the surety, the final / executive projects and a time schedule of the works were not sent to the Region.

Obviously the municipalities of Velletri, Nemi and the VIII Municipio will be able to appeal and, perhaps, regain the funds. However, it remains difficult to understand how it is possible that those same entities, which very often complain, rightly, of the economic cuts they suffer, make funding vanish in this way because they simply cannot produce documents.

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