“Lady 6 Project”: Metamorphoses of the participants

The “Projekt Lady” program broadcast on TVN7 evokes a lot of emotions. One of the most awaited stages is the moment of metamorphosis of the participants, who sometimes find it difficult to say goodbye to the “old image”. What do Małgorzata Rozek-Majdan and mentors: Dr Irena Kamińska-Radomska and Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz think about this?

“Projekt Lady 6” – challenges of the mentors

Behind us is the premiere episode of the sixth edition of “Lady’s Project”, in which the participants did not shy away from alcohol. They arrived at the Palace in Ojrzanów on an outburst, and later improved their condition even more. And this is just the beginning of their adventures … Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, Irena Kamińska-Radomska and Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz are facing quite a task. They will arm themselves with a whole arsenal of different methods to change the lives of young women. One of them will be image metamorphoses, which always arouse a lot of emotions.

In the following episodes, the viewers will see the transformations of girls, and in the meantime you will hear what the host of “Projekt Lady” and the mentors think about them.

Metamorphoses of the participants of the “Lady’s Project”

Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz, a personal development trainer, approached the metamorphosis of the participants of the “Lady’s Project” more broadly. In her opinion, the most important transformation takes place inside, and the hairstyle is just an accessory.

It must be remembered that metamorphosis, even if it apparently concerns what is outside, also takes place in the head. I think what went on in the girls’ heads during the metamorphoses was the hardest for them. Believe that this new proposition should at least be considered by them, and it can be a really good proposition, but also get used to the fact that they no longer need to wear masks. They can choose themselves and feel really good about themselves. It was a big challenge for them

In turn, Dr. Irena Kamińska-Radomska, the coach of the diplomatic protocol, emphasized that the participants react in various ways to the new image.

Metamorphoses, as usual, are associated with both delight and despair. There will be plenty to watch. (…) Sometimes there is such a reaction of opposition, rebellion: “What have you done to me?”, And then it turns out: “I really like it, or in it – remarked the mentor.

Dr Irena Kamińska-RadomskaDr Irena Kamińska-Radomska on the metamorphoses of the participants of the “Lady’s Project”

However, according to the leader, the metamorphosis can be classified as successful.

– We were all delighted with the effects. The girls trusted and succumbed to the suggestions of experts. Their hair looked really cool, and so did make-up. The stylizations were defended, so it is a great pleasure when you look and know that a girl who subconsciously dreams of femininity deeply, the experts managed to extract this femininity. I will say more, their relatives are delighted. We are very happy with these metamorphoses – said Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan.

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan Małgorzata Rozenk-Majdan on the metamorphoses of the participants of the “Lady’s Project”

“Project Lady 6” – where to watch?

New episodes of “Project Lady 6” will be broadcast on Fridays at 20:00 on TVN7, and also available on

Author:Dominika Czerniszewska

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