Lady Gaga about the romance with Bradley Cooper! They knew what they were doing

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
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In early 2019, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper traveled the world promoting the movie “A Star is Born” and collecting praise for their cinematic creations. The story of the young star and her mentor was so believable that many people – including Irina Sheik – began to suspect the couple of having an affair. Emotions peaked after their hot performance at the 2019 Oscars. What’s the truth?

Relation Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper she was undoubtedly one of those that warmed fans around the world last year. The singer and actor spent many months together working on roles in a musical A star is born and they never concealed the fact that they had found common ground. As the two began traveling the world promoting the film, posing together on walls, and performing together at gala events, the media began to gossip about their romance.

The highlight of the discussion of the relationship Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper there was a memorable gala Oscars 2019, during which the musicians performed together on stage with a song Shallowlovingly hugging each other and looking into the eyes. Gossip did not even stop Irina Sheikwho prudently sat in the audience of the gala between alleged lovers. A few months later, the couple broke up without disclosing the reasons for their decision.

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were having an affair?

Facing the breakup Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik the eyes of the whole world were on again Lady Gaga. And although the singer has already sworn several times before that she did not have an affair with the actor, and the places where such rumors appear are “internet toilet”, it was very difficult for her to cut herself off from the whole thing.

Only later Lady Gaga referred to her alleged romance, detailing the events of the show Oprah Winfrey. You also believed after Oscars 2019 in a connecting feeling Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper? Well – you guys fell for it!

We did a really good job of cheating everyone. We made it

– she said.

Today it can be admitted that this “romance” is one of the best marketing gimmicks of the last year – there is probably no person who would not hear about A star is born… You got caught too?

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