Lady Gaga describes the new album, and talks about the future: “I Want to get married and have children”


Lady Gaga has postponed the release of Chromaticabut the new era does not stop. Interviews, photo shoots and perhaps even the release of a new single, even the CoronaVirus can lock you out of all the Germanotta. The pop star in a chat with InnStyle has described his new album.

“I made this music, and then I heard it again, and told the story of my life. I am very proud of it, because these tracks are certainly fun and celebratory, but if you listen to the lyrics, you know my heart. It is as if the music was giving permission to go ahead. Even if you’ve had the worst day ever, you can still dance”.

Lady Gaga has also spoken of his plans for the future, which include marriage, babies, new music, but also other films.

“There is the marriage. New music, other movies, other charities with the Born This Way Foundation. I want to do a lot more philanthropy. I want to help fund further research on fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain, and chronic putting together a team of doctors. I have many hopes and dreams in this field. I don’t have the glass ball and I don’t know what exactly you will accomplish really, but I know that I will make with the people that I love.

Perhaps the most important thing for the woman who is called Mother Monster is having his children. I can’t wait to be a mom and have kids. Isn’t it amazing what we can do? We can give birth to and grow a life inside of us. Then it comes out and it is our job to keep him in life”.

All great, but I seriously need another new song by the Germanotta. Gaga please.

[Photo Credit: Nathaniel Goldberg / InStyle]

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