Lady Gaga didn’t help? He introduced her dogs, now he is homeless and asks for money

Lady Gaga
Author: MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP / East News; Marco Piraccini / Cover Images / East News

A few months ago, we all watched a drama with Lady Gaga’s dogs in the lead role. Ryan Fischer, who led them out, was shot and the animals were abducted. Fortunately, they returned to the owner, and everything ended well. Definitely? Ryan Fischer becomes homeless and asks internet users for money!

In late February, Lady Gaga was in Europe, where she was working on the movie House of Gucci. Meanwhile, a real drama with her dogs took place in the USA. Walking them out, Ryan Fischer was shot and the animals were kidnapped!

Fortunately, it all ended well quickly – Lady Gaga got the dogs back. The media wrote about how she provided medical assistance to a shot dog walker.

However, his fate a few months after the accident is not happy … Ryan Fischer asks Internet users for money!


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Lady Gaga left the dog walker without help?

After the gunshot, Ryan Fischer was taken to the hospital, where doctors fought for his life. Foreign media reported that Lady Gaga took the bill and took care of financial compensation for the traumas.

Meanwhile, a few months after these terrible events, Ryan Fischer asks for money online. For two months now, the man has been traveling around the USA in search of spiritual leaders who would help him deal with a huge trauma.

On Monday, Ryan Fischer launched a web drop announcing that his van broke down and was stuck. The former Lady Gaga dog walker complained that he did not have a job or an apartment. He asked Internet users for donations so that he could repair the car and continue his journey, which is to help him “clean” himself after traumatic events.

Do you think Lady Gaga will contribute?

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