Lady Gaga has tried to go to fast food with a necklace of diamonds, $ 30 million

May 30, 2020

One of the moments that we will never forget the Oscar 2019? When Lady Gaga she arrived on the red carpet with her dazzling yellow diamond Tiffanya gem of the legendary, as previously worn by Audrey Hepburn almost 60 years before. After all, it was very difficult for a gem from 128,54 carat could go unnoticed…

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Anyway, you may also remember that it was an evening very important for Gaga – it is carried via theOscar for best original songwe are talking about “Shallow“from To Star is Born.

And here the adventure begins: the Mother Monster was so happy, that you are forgot to return the necklace to the end of the ceremonybut it is not a companion to any given piece of jewelry has a value of about $ 30 million.

During a recent interview The Graham Norton ShowGaga has revealed that she and her sister were in full mode of celebration:

Barcollavamo of champagne in the backstagand” and the two have left the theatre without notifying anyone. “They are all mad because I was still wearing the necklace“he explained, “when I went to Madonna’s house, the security guards looked at me wrong“.

Stefani intends to the after party of the Oscars, organized by the Madonna, where the two pop stars have made peace after years of feuding.

The next step for Gaga is the obvious final destination of the evening really was fantastic, Taco Bell, a famous fast food american. And here the adventure takes implications from spy movies:

When we were going to Taco Bell, my car was stopped and the safety of Tiffany, I removed it politely, the necklace from the neck“explained Gaga.

Ok, maybe the situation was less Mission Impossible than we imagine, but Bradley Cooper this should really be the next film from the director!

Want to relive the excitement of the Oscar 2019? In the video you can see the best of the the red carpet:

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