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When an experienced and sophisticated person on the music scene suddenly decides to follow the latest youth trends, there are only two paths. Either the proverbial fiasco will come out of it and such a person will only make fun of it, or it will be great in the new version and will expand its current audience. Lady Gaga on her latest album made it fall for the latter.

Follow-up to Chromatics

Dawn of Chromatica is a remix of the album, highly appreciated by critics, released in 2020 Chromaticaon which the pop star made a great return to her former glory days. Days when she dictated what to dance to in clubs with already cult bangers such as Bad Romance if Born This Way. In the meantime, she was artistically exploring other areas. She recorded discs filled with calm ballads, and finally returned with a bang to her original style. This ambitious, theatrical and uncompromising album only lacked one thing. Good timing. He was released in the worst period of the pandemic, so he did not have a chance to conquer clubs as he should. Whereas Dawn of Chromatica shot in time practically perfectly. And all this is due to the fact that hyperpop, the style in which it was composed, is currently experiencing its best days, conquering the popularity rankings.

Hyperpop to movement

The beginning of this branch of popular music should be attributed to the creation of the collective PC Music in 2013. He was responsible for them AG Cook. It evolved from the vaporwave, which he shares with the fact that both species owe the explosion of their popularity to the Internet. In itself, it is a kind of collision of mainstream pop and electronic music. And here we can choose the inspirations from which this variant of music draws. From bubblegum bass, through EDM, to dubstep or even power ambient. The hallmarks of this genre, or rather wave, are maximalism and exaggeration. It draws from the aesthetics of the late Internet. He is very closely associated with camp and kitsch, meta humor and contemporary art. It has one more characteristic feature – it is strongly associated with queer culture. Hyperpop is not only a musical style, it is also a certain image that has one thing in common – it does not exclude anyone, and the standard division into two genders challenges you to a duel.

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Queer icon

Lady Gaga is an icon for the LGBTQ + community and it has received this title fully deservedly. First of all – your own coming out as a bisexual person. For many young people from this stigmatized environment, to hear that their musical idol is just like them was almost a milestone. Second, she set up a foundation Born This Waythat counteracts the bullying of young members of the community. Third, her music conquered and probably conquers every gay club that exists. And since about the foundation BTW speech, it is impossible not to mention the song that inspired the title of the association. Born This Way is one of the most important musical anthems of the LGBTQ + community. She reminded, and perhaps she made many people aware, that they are beautiful just as they are.

And in her queer friendliness, as a pop icon, she influenced a new generation of artists. Her latest release is in fact a reminder that she trod the path that could be followed by all this hyper-pop society invited to collaborate on the album.

Same thing Dawn of Chromatica?

An executive producer with a pseudonym is behind the album BloodPop, a famous musical visionary, associated with the aforementioned collective PC Music. It is an album-statement that states the following: hyperpop has officially entered the mainstream. And provided him with a breath of fresh air. Previously, mainstream pop was ruled by acoustic, folk and even musical arrangements. See recent publications Lorde, Lany Del Rey if Taylor Swift. They could make many a yawn. Now the mainstream removes the roller skates completely.

Musically, of course, a lot is happening there. The original version of the album was full of house and trance influences which are now served to us in the hyper version. It is a truly innovative album. The sounds that were previously a bit off the beaten track were more of a curiosity for music lovers than something that was listened to completely seriously, now they have lived to see the days of their splendor. The cream of the modern hyperpop scene is responsible for the guest verses and, of course, the remixes: nicknames such as Charli XCX, Arca, if Rina Sawayama. It can be said that no one fared poorly here – each reinterpretation is a fascinating version of its original.

Lady Gaga showed that she knows how to stay on stage, not to let herself be forgotten and constantly surprise her fan. Though Dawn of Chromatica can polarize the audience, in my opinion it is an artistic testimony to her maturity and courage. I will now look with even more curiosity for her next moves.

Lady Gaga – Dawn Of Chromatica, listen to the album!

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