Lady Gaga in a dress that amazed everyone. See the latest styling of the star

Lady Gaga’s career has evolved almost as spectacularly as her unique style. Special characters? Eccentric, exaggerated creations balancing on the verge of kitsch and scandal. How is it now?

I think the singer has it behind her – image Lady Gagi is definitely more mature and sophisticated now than at the beginning of her career. During New York concerts with jazz legend Tony Bennett, the star continued her fashion streak on the streets of the Big Apple, catching our eyes. The style that we liked the most was chosen by the singer for dinner a few days ago.

On the way to a New York restaurant Gaga was photographed wearing a dazzling pale yellow plunging dress that showed her enviable feminine curves. The creation with thin spaghetti straps and neon leather side stripes is from Paris Georgia. The presented model can be purchased on the brand’s official website for almost PLN 2,300. Combining the outfit with fleshy slippers on a high heel from Monolo Blahnik, she gave this set a chic character that looked very elegant. The B 105 Cotton Heel shoe model is available for about PLN 3,000. The styling was kept in harmonious tones of pale pastels that were only the background. The eye was riveted by a lavender handbag that played the first fiddle, creating an exceptionally advantageous color composition. The handbag comes from the French, luxury brand Celine, the price of which is almost PLN 15,000. She finished her outfit with beautiful 18-carat gold earrings from Harry Kotlar and sunglasses from Brioni.

When choosing this stylish color set, Lady Gaga looked flawless. The magic of Lady Gaga’s style lies in the fact that with one addition or detail she can perfectly emphasize the character of her stylization, causing quite a stir in the fashion world.

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