Lady Gaga in a special episode of “Friends”. She recreated the iconic scene

  • Lady Gaga appeared in a special episode of the series “Friends”
  • The singer performed one of the iconic songs from the series in a duet with Lisa Kudrow
  • The idea for Lady Gaga to perform with “Phoebe” was born in the head of the director of the series, Ben Winston, who managed to persuade the star to perform because he knew that she was a huge fan of the series
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Series “Friends” despite the passage of time, it is very popular in the USA and in the world. Years later, its creators decided to record a special episode “Friends. A Meeting After Years”, in which, in addition to the heroes known to the audience, the idols of pop music lovers and teenagers took part. So Justin Bieber, BTS and … Lady Gaga appeared in a special episode.

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Lady Gaga, who did not hide her fascination with the triumphant series for 10 years, was invited to participate in a special episode of “Friends” by the director of the series, Ben Winston. When choosing Lady Gaga to sing the cult hit “Friends”, Ben Winston was guided by her resemblance to Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow.

Lady Gaga performed “Smelly Cat” from “Friends”

The director suggested that in the new installment of “Friends” “Phoebe” once again performed her serial hit from years ago, which met with her approval. During the conversation, the idea was born to invite one of the great pop stars to take part in the performance.

“I said to Lisa,” Would you be ready to sing this? “And she said,” Yes, that would be fun. ” We exchanged a few celebrity names and we both agreed that Gaga, if we can get her, will be the bestbecause she looks like Phoebe in many ways, “revealed Ben Winston as reported in The Daily Mail.

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Ben Winston revealed that the joint performance of Lady Gaga and Lisa Kudrow in “Friends. Years later” was not directed. The ladies were supposed to sit on the couch with guitars in their hands and spontaneously sang a song that years ago entertained fans of “Friends”. Interestingly, Lady Gaga appeared on the set in an outfit in the style that the series Phoebe presented years ago.

Lady Gaga and Lisa Kudrow performed together the song “Smelly Cat”, which Phoebe first performed for guests at the Central Park Coffee Shop in the second season of “Friends.” At the end of the song that first appeared on televisions less than 26 years ago, a gospel choir joined Lady Gaga and “Phoebe”.

The song “Smelly Cat” also appeared in several later episodes of the series and thanks to its tragicomic lyrics and performance by Lisa Kudrow it has gained cult status among fans of the series.

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