Lady Gaga in space boots picked up the keys to Hollywood [ZDJĘCIA]

Lady Gaga at The Abbey's anniversary
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Lady Gaga appeared at the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of one of Hollywood’s most iconic venues. On the occasion of the bar’s birthday, the singer picked up the symbolic keys to Hollywood. The artist surprised everyone with an unusual creation – especially her mega space shoes attract attention. See the photos!

Presence Lady Gaga on The Abbey’s opening anniversary is not accidental. The founder of the place from the very beginning declares his strong support for the LGBT movement, and as you know Lady Gaga is one of the artists most involved in the struggle for the rights of this community.

The thirtieth anniversary of the opening of The Abbey coincided with an important anniversary of Lady Gaga. Exactly 10 years ago her big hit “Born This Way” was released.

At a party in West Hollywood, the founder of The Abbey thanked Lady Gaga for her support.

West Hollywood has always been a safety zone for our community, and I am delighted to open the next chapter in this story. The Abbey is also a safe zone. This is where I met the most interesting people in the world

– said the restaurant’s boss and founder, David Cooley during the restaurant’s birthday.

During the party Lady Gaga she was given symbolic keys to the West Hollywood district in thanks for her faithful support to her community. Pictures from this event can be found below.

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