Lady Gaga is shocking again with her outfit. Only she can bring herself to such a combination!

Lady Gaga and her dog
Author: Guerin Charles / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Lady Gaga loves to shock, most often she does it with her styling. The singer is in good shape again and is putting together clothes that only she has the courage to put together! Its latest controversial styling is a sporty look. Just look at these shoes!

Lady Gaga for many she remains a fashion icon, and for others a controversial artist, also in terms of appearance. The star has proven more than once that she is not afraid of bold stylizations that can cause a scandal. Most often, in original costumes, she could be found on the red carpet.

Now Lady Gaga brings her passion for originality to the streets. Some time ago we wrote about the mega high boots that the artist was wearing. The singer liked the very high platform shoes so much that she decided to invest in another pair.

Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles in the same styling. Who looks better?

And this is how the paparazzi tracked down Lady Gaga as she leaves Radio City Music Hall. Dressed in a sports outfit, i.e. a top and tight pants above the knee, she made an impression. But her shoes were even more impressive.

Calf-length white lace-up shoes have caught the attention of the media. Not only were they on the platform, they had, as reported by the websites 8 inches, which is over 20 cm high!

Who if who, but Lady Gaga is skilled in wearing such shoes. How do you like her “sports” outfit? 😉

Lady Gaga
Author: Felipe Ramales / News


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