Lady Gaga opens up about the rape. She was pregnant

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey created a documentary series “The Me You Can’t See ”on mental health. Not only they told about their difficult experiences. One of the guests was Lady Gaga who confessed that she had been raped.

The poignant words of Lady Gaga. “I have been raped many times”

Lady Gaga was raped

Lady Gaga opened up about her traumatic experiences. At 19, she was raped.

I was 19 and working in this business, and the producer said to me, “Take your clothes off.” And I said no. And I left and he told me they would burn all my music. It has not stopped. He was harassing me all the time, and I just froze … I don’t even remember it anymore.

The singer is still struggling with post-traumatic stress. In 2018, she had to cancel her concerts for this reason.

I went through a total mental breakdown. I was not the same girl.

Lady Gaga revealed that she dreams of being a wife and mother

Lady Gaga admitted that the perpetrator was a well-known producer, but does not want to disclose his name.

I understand the #MeToo movement, I understand some people feel really good about it, but I don’t. I never want to face this man again.

The artist also said that she became pregnant then. As a result of traumatic events, she suffered from chronic pain.

I realized it was the same pain I felt when the person who raped me dumped me pregnant on the corner in my parents’ house because I was vomiting and being sick. All because I was molested. I was locked in the studio for months.

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