Lady Gaga presents the album chromatica and recounts a past of self harm

Per the years he has complied with his trends masochiste tagliuzzandosi the arms and other parts of the body that are not visible, as if to punish herself for something. Today, Lady Gaga, 34 years old, does not deny that hidden part of himself, but he finally has the awareness and maturity sufficient to understand that those behaviors have made “feel worse“.

Lady Gaga to 61esimi the Grammy Awards in February 2019 in Los Angeles (Getty Images)

The album Chromatica

In an interview (at a distance, given the time) with Zane Lowe, performed by Apple Music to present Chromatica (below, the cover of the album taken from his profile Instagram), his new album outbound on the 29th of maythe singer speaks in the round, without neglecting the more intimate aspects and trouble of his personality.

The star game of course, talking about music and his latest album, where she duets with Ariana Grandein the passage of the Rain on me (below, a photo with the singer), and Elton Johnin the song Sine from above.

In its conception, the music must also be a healing tool and help for other people: “it is Not just music, it’s culture, it is how can I do something for others“he explained, “if my drive is loved by the people, is fantastic. And if not, I really hope that the young artists or young artists of any gender identity and sexual identity will know that I support them and I love them“.

Has stopped smoking

With regard to itself, in its process of improvement, told of their “stopped smoking and was not at all easy. During the making of the album, I would smoke continuously sitting on my front porch. But finished the album, I stopped,” he said, “this was the most beautiful thing and the most bizarre that I could happen, or that the music I healed really“.

In its path, the american artist is also considering also stop drinking: “For now I have only flirted with this idea during the whole process of the album,” he specified, “but I came to mind when I was trying to work on myself and the pain that I was feeling“.

Lady Gaga and boyfriend Michael Polanski, entrepreneur in the field of tech

The behaviour masochists

A proposed pain, for years, Lady Gaga has accomplished by adopting behaviors masochiststhat have the capacity to injure and torture his body. “I finally decided to forgive myself for having done it“says in the interview, “I forgive myself for all the ways in which I punished in private. I spoke openly of my tendencies, and the fact that I cut myself, and the fact of having had trends masochiste that are not at all healthy“.

The artist in concert

With the time, the singer has realized that those behaviors were “a way that I knew to express shame. They are ways of expressing feelings that are not always positive, but are not as effective, because then make you only feel worse. And do you think you are worthy of those wounds that we self inflict. You don’t think you deserve good things, do not deserve happiness”. Now, after so many years, “I think I was forgiven. Understand to be human made me finally feel better“.

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