Lady Gaga reveals herself naturally in a video on Instagram

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The singer posted a makeup tutorial on the social network, in which she bares her face. His subscribers strongly applauded his initiative.

Lady Gaga understood the best way to promote the products of her cosmetics brand: focus on authenticity. Indeed, the creator of Haus Lab posted a video on Instagram this Thursday, September 7 to present her latest product, in which she appears with her facial skin completely free of makeup. The singer thus appears in front of the camera with her redness and her small spots, before the eyes of her 56 million subscribers on the social network. She then camouflages them using her new complexion and dark circles corrector, thus demonstrating its effectiveness. Note, however, that in these images, the interpreter of Shallow clearly sports defined eyebrows and mascara on her eyelashes.

In video: Lady gaga reveals herself naturally on Instagram

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Acclaimed natural sound

Certainly, the fact of having the skin free of makeup before moving on to the primary step of concealer or corrector seems obvious in the logical progression of a beauty routine. However, many influencers and celebrities on social networks do not hesitate to publish complexion makeup tutorials by already being adorned with skin-enhancing products beforehand, or by adding tricks such as filters or touch-ups before post their content. Generally, these cheats do not escape the eyes of Internet users, who are well aware that reality is altered.

This is why Lady Gaga’s choice not to retouch her image or to apply makeup beforehand on her face was massively praised in the comments under her publication. “I love it when a celebrity actually shows off their natural skin when testing a beauty product, instead of putting on blurry filters or having makeup already applied,” “I love that you show yourself like that you are ! Thanks for just being normal!”, “Normalize this. I’m so sick of 19 year old girls being tricked by Tiktokers into thinking they’re supposed to have perfect skin,” “Wow! Thank you for showing skin that isn’t perfect”, “A celebrity showing their real skin is refreshing. You are beautiful, with and without makeup,” “All my life, I have struggled to love myself because of my acne. And seeing that my favorite artist of all time has imperfections like mine and shows herself as she is, it boosts my self-esteem”, “I love her natural beauty so much”, “I love the fact that Lady Gaga bared her face and unfiltered while showing off the product! It really shows the effectiveness of coverage without falsity,” we can read in particular from her fans.

The stars reveal themselves without makeup

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