Lady Gaga showed a photo with her mother. Can you see the similarity between them?

Lady Gaga has been fond of surprising her fans for years. This time, however, instead of shocking with more and more sophisticated stage costumes, she focused on something, or rather someone else. In the latest photo of the artist on social media, we will see her mother. It’s hard not to notice the similarity between the ladies.

Lady Gaga – the beginning of a career

The artist’s parents are of Italian origin. From an early age, they sent her to a Catholic school in Manhattan. Stefani Germanotta (because her real name is Lady Gaga), however, chose her own path. She has shown musical talents since childhood. She has played the piano by ear since she was only four years old. However, when she was already a teenager, she sang the first ballad she composed.

– My family is cool. Dad comes from New Jersey, he played in bands himself, he wanted to follow in Bruce Springsteen’s footsteps. My attraction to performances is in my blood. And my family instilled in me an ethos of hard work. I am quite a fearless virgin. It doesn’t matter how many times I get rejected – I’ll come back anyway – said Lady Gaga in one of the interviews.

We could see Lady Gaga’s family in one of the famous documentaries that premiered a few years ago. The star, however, rarely uploaded photos with loved ones to the network. Now we can see her at Mom’s side.

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Main photo source: Cover Video / x-news

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