Lady Gaga speaks in the evening at the home of Madonna

Yesterday Lady Gaga it is connected directly with the The Graham Norton Show and he spoke of the night of the Oscars, the necklace that she wore that night and also the time spent at home of our Lady, immediately after winning the statuette for Shallow.

“Those of Tiffany have provided me with kindly wearing that precious diamond for the evening of the Oscars. I didn’t know what would have happened that night, I was so happy to be there. My sister and I were toasting with champagne, behind the scenes, and when we left, I told anyone and I still had the diamond. Are just gone, I have not alerted anyone. Those of Tiffany, said, ‘if you go with the diamond, has left the building’. They were all maddened by the fact that I was still wearing.

Then I went to Madonna’s house, there was also his manager. I was relaxing with you and the security guards looked at me all the time. After we were headed to Taco Bell, my car was stopped and the safety of Tiffany removed it politely from my neck the necklace”.

As much as I wanted to be a fly that evening to the home of Lady…

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