Lady Gaga told about depression and dramatic moments in her life. She admitted that she had thoughts of suicide: I lost my hope

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Daring, self-confident, straightforward and extravagant are the terms that seemingly fit Lady Gaga perfectly. For many years she managed to maintain this image. However, as it turned out, the private life and past experiences of the popular singer do not resemble a fairy-tale script.

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Lady Gaga’s sincere confession. The singer told about mental problems

The singer’s problems began already in childhood. Despite the fact that at school she was mentally and physically tormented by her peers, she did not dare to tell anyone about it. However, the worst event in Lady Gaga’s life was the rape she experienced when she was only 17 years old. The star confessed that someone she knew had hurt her.

I lay on the couch for several days and cried. I told you my life is over. I lost hope. What am I supposed to do now ?! Finally Grandma said, “I’ll let you cry for a few more hours, then get up, pull yourself together, go back to New York and kick their ass,” she confessed.

Trauma after sexual assault remained for a long time. Lady Gaga admitted that she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, which overlapped with her previous mental problems. More and more she had panic attacks, which made her whole body ache.

I’m stiffening because I’m afraid. It’s as if I were an object, not a human, she betrayed.

For many years, doctors have not been able to accurately diagnose the pain that arises. It was eventually found to be a little-known rheumatic disease. It is most common in people who have experienced trauma at an early age, for example, being harassed or beaten.

Lady Gaga was having suicidal thoughts

During an interview for CBS, the journalist asked the singer if she had ever had suicidal thoughts. The star honestly admitted that she had thought about it many times. Fortunately, she had friends around her who helped her in difficult times.

I had such thoughts every day. My friend Elton John always called me when I was depressed. And that usually means I don’t answer calls because I want to be alone. He then sent a message that he was thinking about me – the singer recalled.

The star also confessed that she has been feeling much better lately. The scooping of the new album allowed her to throw out a lot of negative emotions. Dialectical-behavioral therapy, which is recommended for people with suicidal tendencies and depression, also brings very good results. In 2012, the singer founded the Born This Way foundation, the main goal of which is to help people suffering from mental diseases.

You need help?

If there is a threat to life due to your suicidal thoughts or a suicide attempt, for immediate emergency response, call the police on 112 or go to the emergency department of your local psychiatric hospital.

If you need to talk to a psychologist, you can contact the 24/7 Support Center at 800 70 2222. ITAKA Foundation psychologists are on duty by phone, e-mail and chat, providing advice and referring people to the appropriate aid facility in their region. Relatives of people who need help can also contact the Center. Specialists will advise you on what to do to persuade our loved ones to contact a specialist.

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