Lady Gaga turns 35. Her life has grown up with many conspiracy theories

  • Lady Gaga is really Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and she owes her nickname to the fact that her singing style was to resemble the one that Freddie Mercury had in the song “Radio GaGa”
  • In 2008, the debut album “The Fame” was released, which included songs such as “Poker Face” or “Just dance”
  • According to one of the conspiracy theories, Lady Gaga was supposed to perform … a satanic ritual during her performance at the SuperBowl finals in 2021.

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In 2008, she – Lady Gaga – appeared on the music scene like a neon thunderbolt. The previously unknown artist surprised with freshness and shocked with her extraordinary stage behavior. Virtually every clip, public appearance or new creation was commented on like a birth royal baby. Since the singer took over the charts in 2008, she probably went through all the phases characteristic of a rebellious mainstream artist: from shock and rebellion, through blending into the music market, to the perfect symbiosis with show business and development on many levels.

Like the so-called “cult” creators, Lady Gaga has a group of opponents who seek the singer’s strangest connections with secret organizations, unsolved crimes, and global conspiracies. An Artist Worshiping Satan? Is she a murderer who took over the victim’s identity? Or maybe she is just … a witchwho has achieved success thanks to magic? There are many options, and their creators or followers spare no effort to convince the world of their reasons.

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10 weirdest theories about Lady Gaga

10 weirdest theories about Lady Gaga

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