Lady Gaga unveiled the tracklist of the new album ‘Chromatica’

Lady Gaga has shared the tracklist official his anticipated new album “Chromatica”: here are all the songs

After the previews/rumors yesterday afternoon, the same Lady Gaga has shared the tracklist official new album “Chromatica”. The announcement came via social of the singer, the disc will contain sixteen tracks and several collaborations. Among the featuring appear the names of Ariana Grande, Elton John, and Blackpink.

“Chromatica”, the tracklist of the new album of Lady Gaga

“Chromatica”, the new album by Lady Gaga, was supposed to go on the market on the 10th of April 2020, but the emergency Coronavirus (UPDATES – SPECIAL – MAP) has done to change the mind of the pop star, who has preferred to postpone the date of publication in times more serene: “it Is a moment fast-paced and scary for all of us, and even if I think that art is among the most powerful things that we have to offer joy and care for each other in times like this, doesn’t seem fair to publish the album with everything that is happening during this global pandemic. Instead, I prefer that we spend time trying to find solutions.” While waiting to hear the “Chromatica”, Gaga has finally revealed the tracklist of the official disc, confirming some of the rumors that were circulating for weeks about the featuring. The sixth studio album of the chameleon-like artist is composed of 16 tracks and between the collaborations are the names of Ariana Grande for “Rain On Me”, Elton John in the song “Sine ” From Above” and of south korea Blackpink for “Sour Candy”.

On the collaboration with Ariana Grande, in particular, Lady Gaga had left a few clues during an interview with Paper Magazine, Mother Monster said to have collaborated with a fellow pop star who, like her, has gone through difficult times and traumatic during their career. “Rain On Me” has been defined by the singer as a “celebration of all the tears”: “I sat down with her and we talked about our lives. These are two women who have a conversation about how to move forward and be grateful of what you are doing.”

A few hours before the official announcement of Lady Gaga, the tracklist of “Chromatica” has been unveiled by mistake on the site of the Target, the american chain of supermarkets where you can buy a special edition of the new album with three bonus tracks-exclusive. Currently, the disc has been removed, the first single “Stupid Love”. Here are all the songs contained in the “Chromatica”:

  1. Chromatica I
  2. Alice
  3. Stupid Love
  4. Rain On Me (feat. Ariana Grande)
  5. Free Woman
  6. Fun Tonight
  7. Chromatica II
  8. 911
  9. Plastic Doll
  10. Sour Candy (feat. Blackpink)
  11. Enigma
  12. Replay
  13. Chromatica III
  14. Sine From Above (feat. Elton John)
  15. 1000 Doves
  16. Babylon

Special edition – bonus tracks:

  1. Love Me Right
  2. 1000 Doves (piano demo)
  3. Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse mix)

Lady Gaga and the “One World: Together At Home”

Lady Gaga has been the promoter of the concert–the virtual event is “One World: Together At Home”, created with the Global Citizen and the World Health Organization. The initiative has involved many famous artists, from Paul McCartney Billie Eilish, who with their performances have wanted to support and celebrate caregivers and all those involved in the front line in the fight against the Coronavirus. The musical marathon of “One World: Together At Home” has been uploaded in full on the YouTube channel of the Global Citizen, while on digital platforms streaming is already available from the compilation album, consisting of 79 pieces.

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