Lady Gaga was in quarantine cheering for The Weeknd! She performed at the Super Bowl in 2017

The Weeknd, Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl
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The Americans have been counting down for many days to Super Bowl 2021, the final of the American NFL league, the inseparable element of which is the so-called halftime show – a star’s performance during halftime. This year, The Weeknd performed in exceptional, pandemic conditions. His thumbs were held by Lady Gaga, who has her show behind her and knows what emotions it is!

Though Super Bowl 2021 differed from all the previous ones, a few months ago few people would have bet it would even take place. With all precautionary measures taken, the NBL League Final was organized despite the pandemic, and The Weeknd thanks to this, he had the opportunity to put on a halftime show like never before! Music fans have already noticed that he feels at ease in difficult conditions, and creating a show for a virtual audience is a great pleasure for him.

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And yes The Weeknd created a unique halftime show, most of which took place in the stands – even before Super Bowl 2021 it was known that, for safety reasons, the organizers would prefer to avoid creating a huge stage on the pitch, in which around a thousand employees would participate. And this problem The Weeknd managed to solve – he and the dancers entered the field without a special scene and a hit Blinding Lights they just performed on the turf.

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The Weeknd at Super Bowl 2021- Lady Gaga cheers

The performance The Weeknda not only fans from all over the world were watching, but of course his industry friends. She followed his halftime show, for example Lady Gagawho knows the emotions of a performance at the Super Bowl. She gave her show herself in 2017 and many people thought then that she created the craziest show in history – everyone probably remembers her impressive jump right on the stage!

Super Bowl 2021 Lady Gaga spent in quarantine, which means the show The Weeknda watched at home. Shortly before his performance, the star posted a post on Instagram, wishing him good luck.

In quarantine with my best. Excited for the halftime show! The Weeknd, get them!

You believe that The Weeknd on Super Bowl 2021 he coped as well as Lady Gaga? Or maybe it has beaten her show?

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