Lady Gaga will be in the Joker sequel

The indiscretion had been circulating for months now but now the official confirmation of the person concerned has arrived: Lady Gaga will be the co-star of Joker: Folie à Deuxthe sequel to the film dedicated to the genesis of Batman’s number one villain, played on screen by Joaquin Phoenix. The announcement came through a very short animated teaser shared on the singer’s social profiles: with a cover of the song in the background Cheek to Cheekwhich Gaga had sung in the past with Tony Bennett, we see the silhouettes of Arthur Fleck played by Phoenix and a woman in a long dress rejoining in a passionate step two:

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Although the clip gives substance to the rumors spread in recent weeks, it does not confirm the other part of the theory that Gaga should play in the film none other than Harley Quinn, historical companion and inevitable shoulder of Joker. While this detail is actually missing, it is unlikely that the pop star was chosen to play a different character. Already the title of the sequel, Folie à Deuxrefers to a specific clinical condition according to which an individual’s mental disorder comes passed on to a second person for reasons of relationship or closeness. And who better than Harley Quinn, psychiatrist turned to the dark sidecould form an exquisitely insane couple with Joker?

The same character of Harley Quinn, moreover, has become central in the various projects taken from the Dc Comics comics: Originally created for the Batman of the nineties, he subsequently became canon also in comics, arriving at the cinema starring Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey And The Suicide Squad but also on television with the irreverent animated series for adults in which he has the voice of Kaley Cuoco. Now Lady Gaga would give her face to his yet another incarnationadding this over-the-top role to a film career that has recently gotten very lively, including exploits like A Star Is Born And House of Gucci. Waiting for further revelations, Joker: Folie à Deux is scheduled for release in theaters in October 2024.

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