Lady Gaga wore fakes. What replicas did she buy?

Lady Gaga starred in the movie House of Gucci. After one of the last parties, it became loud about the fakes worn by the star. She confirmed everything in an interview.

Lady Gaga he is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the world. In 2008, she released her debut album The Famefrom which works such as: Just Dance, Poker Face, LoveGame if Paparazzi. Each of her next single is a spectacular success. No wonder it has won countless awards and honors. In 13 years, she released 8 albums, including two jazz duo with Tonny Bennett.

Lady Gaga fulfills herself as an actress

In addition to her vocal talent, the artist proved that she is also great as an actress. She starred in the 5th and 6th season of the series American Horror Storyand then by your side Bradley Cooper She appeared in the movie A star is born. Song Shallow, which was created for the purposes of production, even received an Oscar, and the artist gained an even larger group of fans.

The singer is also known for shocking. The beginnings of her career were associated with amazing creations. She appeared in them not only in music videos, but also at major galas. As soon as she appeared on the red carpet, something unexpected was to be expected. Several of her creations, such as the beef dress, which she appeared in 2009 at the MTV gala, have already gone down in fashion history.

Lady Gaga confessed to wearing fakes

On November 26, another film by Lady Gaga will hit the screens of Polish cinemas. House of Gucci. As part of the promotion of the new production, the star appears at many events. During the pre-premiere screening of the film in America, the artist talked about a scene in which counterfeit handbags from the most famous designers were used. She was shocked to answer the question of whether she herself had ever owned replicas of large fashion houses:

Who didn’t? We all had! – she replied, admitting to buying fakes.

Then she added that she had a non-genuine Gucci handbag in her collection, which stole her heart. She wasn’t a star then, and spending several thousand dollars on behalf of a large fashion house was beyond her budget. Watch the whole conversation with the reporter E!.


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