Lahore, Pakistan is the most polluted city in the world. “Do something”

On Wednesday, November 17, in a city inhabited by over 11 million people the air quality index (AQI) reached an unusually high value of 348. The safety limit is considered to be when this index is 300 units. The AFP agency announced that the city has become the most polluted in the world.

Children do not go outside, residents cannot afford a doctor

Inhabitants for years they put pressure on the authorities to take action. Worker Muhammad Said told AFP:


Smog in Lahore, November 19, 2021

Other people stress that they are too poor to receive help. The shopkeeper, Ikram Ahmad, stated:


Smog in Lahore, November 19, 2021

The inhabitants of Lahore, unable to wait for the reaction of the rulers, decided to act on their own. In recent years, they have filed multiple lawsuits against the authorities and constructed their own purifiers air.

According to AFP, the government claims that it is doing everything to improve air quality, and the fatal smog situation is caused by the neighboring countries India. These words are in contrast to what Pakistani environmentalists say who reported that The government has never had a specific smog policy and so far has only ended with assurances and short-term measures.


Smog in Lahore, November 19, 2021

Smog kills millions of people every year

Air pollution has a very strong impact on human health and quality of life. It is also the cause of many millions of deaths. According to the website Science in Poland, in 2015, air pollution on Earth contributed to 8.8 million deaths. This number is almost twice as large as the original estimate. By comparison, cigarette smoking was the cause of the death of 7.2 million people. In 2019, according to data from the State of Global Air, life by smog 6.7 million people lost.

Source: AFP /Science in Poland/Twitter/

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