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influencer Lara Juca He used his Instagram story to comment on the end of his relationship with his girlfriend. rapper orochi. The two announced that end Although recently, contrary to previous stories, the breakup would not have gone so smoothly. “I had to learn how to deal with it quietly,” she said in a series of videos.

“I think over a month ago, ‘The Expensive Life’ brought Orochi back. And then Flavio started getting more and more distant. I started getting it in direct mail whenever he was away. And he thought it was… “I told you it was a lie”, that people were faking it, and I became more and more anxious. He disappeared, disappeared and said he was in his own space,” the report began.

The model’s statement is different from what Orochi published on social media.Before she spoke, the singer claimed her ex-girlfriend was fine and denied her rumors betrayal And I wished her success.

“In answer to the thousands of questions about whether Lala is okay…there is no doubt that she is very well. Live her life, no matter how bad she is. When I was in the hospital in a situation like this, I went to the hospital.” hospital I left her at home as soon as possible,” he noted.

However, Lala Juca refuted this theory. “I accepted it until it got to where it is now, and then he broke up with me and I felt so guilty and I felt like I was crazy and it was so bad. It wasn’t enough, I had a panic attack and ended up in the hospital,” he said, expressing how sad he was about the situation.

“He wanted to say he went to the hospital, so he actually went to the hospital and sat next to me so I could get used to our idea. relationship It’s over,” he began.

“That’s when I started feeling the coldness, the manipulation, the emotional dependence. That’s when I realized I couldn’t take it and I didn’t want to go through that anymore. What happened was… There are countless times, but I don’t want to hurt him. Flavio always told me that we are two different people, Flavio and Orochi. And here I reveal the Flavio that I loved. I know I don’t deserve it. The truth is, that’s not life, it’s shallow life. I hope he realizes this in time,” she added.

Orochi’s account

Before Lala’s report, Orochi said that he wished the model success. “We’ve been through some difficult times these past few days, but I just want to see her happy and I hope she has a lot of peace and success in life. “Because that’s the same thing I need right now: peace,” he said.

Orochi publishes a story on Instagram

Orochi took to Instagram to publicly comment on the matter.


He also denied that the information published in the media was correct. “My personal life is a mess, but my professional life is different. Every print page, every internet page, every gossip, every betrayal, everything is chaotic. Don’t believe that ‘we’ know what’s going on at home, ‘we’ Only I know,” he said. concluded.

Lala and Orochi has begun incident, event They started dating in 2019, but they broke up in May 2021 following rumors that Lala had cheated on him. The romance was resumed in 2023.

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