Lamborghini Huracan overwhelmed by the small car: a car destroyed at the intersection

Spectacular accident in the UK, involving a super car. A video dramatic shows the moment when a Hyundai flew onto the hood of a luxury car Lamborghini Huracan from 250,000 pounds a Leeds in England. The spectacular crash, which occurred at 10:24 am yesterday, destroyed the expensive white convertible, but no one was seriously injured. The footage shows the blue Hyundai i40 pulling into the intersection after a white van passes it.

The driver, apparently not seeing the Lamborghini Huracan, ends up on top of the super car. But, after hitting the front of the supercar, the four-door family sedan continues to climb onto the hood as if nothing had happened.

The Hyundai’s wheels barely miss the driver’s crush as the car crashes into the front of the convertible. The car then hangs over the expensive car with the Lamborghini wedged underneath.

Last updated: Saturday 13 August 2022, 14:52


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