Lamezia, the ‘fast track’ protocol starts at the emergency room: new system against queues and renunciation of treatment

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Lamezia Terme – Streamline access to the emergency room, avoid abandoning patients without receiving medical assistance, reduce the number of inappropriate hospitalizations. With these objectives, the ASP has launched the “fast track” protocol in the emergency room of John Paul II, which will be valid for non-serious patients. It is a health organization system that will put patients and nurses in close relationship, depending on the mild pathology. According to this new organization, prepared by resolution 1118 signed by the extraordinary commissioner of the Asp of Catanzaro, Ilario Lazzaro, the nursing staff will be in charge of sending patients with white and green code directly to the hospital specialist doctor from Monday to Saturday.

The new system, also adopted for Soverato, will be operational from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm. The objectives include reducing waiting times; increase the level of patient satisfaction; reduce the number of patients who leave the emergency room without being evaluated; reduce protests and conflicts with users and operators, generating the perception of a better quality of the organization; improve the appropriateness of hospitalizations, patients will have to present specific signs and symptoms generally attributable to non-urgent situations (white and green code), including only some pathologies and criteria, such as fever with a temperature below 38; abdominal pain with stable and normal vital signs; subjective dyspnea in an oxygen-saturated eupnoic patient; skin rash; minor head injury.

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