Lamorgese is now looking good “Relocation soon to start”

After the two days in Lampedusa, where he was a guest in Silvio Berlusconi’s villa in Cala Francese, Matteo Salvini decides to push his electoral campaign on the Lega battle horse. He is still attacking the Interior Ministry of Luciana Lamorgese, who in the leader’s plans will have to return “to the League”. He claims the results he had achieved when he was the minister and recalls the numbers «tripled compared to 2020, We have gone from 14,000 in 2020 to more than 42,000 today. I wish the reception professionals had seen the 2-year-old children on the ground, at 40 degrees, pregnant women, unworthy scenes ». And from the island he launches the idea of ​​”an extraordinary commissioner who comes from the Army or the Carabinieri to manage flows”.

However, the outgoing minister Lamorgese is not there from the Interior Ministry. She, who had been the protagonist of the Malta pact for the community relocation of migrants – which then expired in general silence without a renewal – yesterday claimed the continuation of that agreement. This is the political declaration approved on 10 June by the European Home Affairs Council. A document that provides for the annual relocation of about 10 thousand migrants “among those rescued at sea as a result of SAR operations in the central Mediterranean and along the western Atlantic route and then landed in the Member States of first entry into the Union”. France and Germany – the Interior Ministry said in a note – have already followed up on their commitment “with the formalization of a first relocation package that affects migrants who have landed in Italy. French officials were on a mission to the Cara of Bari, from July 28 to August 2, to verify the composition of a first group “to be relocated. According to the ministry, the German authorities have also announced that they are ready to do the same during the month of August. “It is a historic step for the Union because, for the first time, the principle of solidarity in the management of migratory flows at the EU’s external borders has been shared by a very large majority of member states – says Minister Lamorgese – It has been possible to achieve this result thanks to the commitment of the French presidency and the Commission which have fully accepted the proposals made by Italy and the entire Med5 group, also composed of Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Spain, thus determining a decisive step forward in the difficult task of unblocking the negotiations on the European Immigration and Asylum Pact ”. The mechanisms for the redistribution of migrants remained inactive for two years, during Covid. All the people who arrived in Italy were not welcomed by other countries during the pandemic. For this reason, «the Political Declaration of 10 June – continues Minister Lamorgese – marks the beginning of a process aimed at establishing a fair balance between responsibility and solidarity in the shared management of migratory flows. I am convinced that the European Union has taken the right path to tackle the migratory and humanitarian challenges, as has also been demonstrated in recent months with the shared and supportive response to the emergency caused by the armed conflict in Ukraine that has determined the displacement of millions of refugees in Europe ”.

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