Lana Del Rey jumps from Pepsi Center to Foro Sol

royal yarnThe English-language pop music composer and singer performed for the first time in Mexico ten years ago on November 4, 2013, on stage at the Pepsi Center WTC, a venue with a capacity of just over 7,000. And today he is back in our country, concert Initialization sun forumcan accommodate about 65,000 people.

The Pepsi Center is known for hosting artists who are starting to make a name for themselves in our country. After performing there, they usually go to larger venues such as the National Auditorium, the Palacio de los Deportes, or the Aztec Stadium itself. So was the case with Bad Bunny. He also performed at the WTC for the first time in Mexico, and last year sold out. Two games at Azteca Stadium.

This process was also experienced by Lana Del Rey, and although her first concert in Mexico was packed with thousands of fans in a small auditorium at the WTC, she performed just 13 songs in total. It was 1 hour and 4 minutes. This expansion will definitely take place at the next national presentation.

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Setlist Pepsi Center WTC:

1. Tail

2. Body Electric

3. Blue jeans

4. Carmen

5. Born To Die

6. Blue velvet

7. American

8. Young and beautiful

9. Without You (Outro “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”)

10. Ride

11. Summertime Sadness

12. Video games

13. National anthem

Just a year later, just before starting his “Endless Summer Tour” to promote his third album, he was offered two dates in response to a huge audience at the Pepsi Center, prompting him to head to the National Auditorium. made a leap forward. Research “Ultraviolet”, October 6 and 7, 2014.

“Tonight I felt your energy, your adrenaline and your happiness,” were the words the singer uttered at the end of her short concert, again that night, to the satisfaction of all her fans. Ta.

National Auditorium setlist:

  • cruel world
  • line
  • body electric
  • play video
  • blue jeans
  • west coast
  • born to die
  • ultraviolet rays
  • old money
  • carmen
  • summertime sadness
  • million dollar man
  • get on
  • video game
  • national anthem

It wasn’t until two years later that all of her fans reunited with one of vintage pop’s biggest proponents that she headlined alongside Kraftwerk in concert at the Corona Capital 201 festival, when it was announced that she would be attending. served. Over 70,000 people.

At the time, Lana was not only a music artist, but her achievements and fan base grew as she experimented with films that produced the life story of singer-songwriter Daniel, Hello Daniel Johnston. started. Johnston won Best Alternative Music Singer at the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards.

At the Corona Capital presentation, like all his presentations, he wore a floral, sensual outfit, but his attendance was as long as his solo concert. As an artist, this was a strange thing. Because festival shows are usually short shows. The stage is shared with many other bands.

Crown Capital 2016 setlist:

  • cruel world
  • line
  • blue jeans
  • born to die
  • Albedo 0.39
  • honeymoon
  • Hi By The Beach
  • serial killer
  • art deco
  • lolita
  • carmen
  • old money
  • get on
  • summertime sadness
  • Yayo
  • video game
  • off to the race

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After that, Del Rey continued to enjoy successful collaborations with famous artists such as The Weeknd, Jonathan Wilson and Bones, but there was a period of conflict as Del Rey faced lawsuits. Due to the similarity between their song “Get Free” and the iconic “Creep”, they have been called the legendary Radiohead band. During a concert in Lollapalooza, Brazil, the singer announced that although the process by which the conflict was ended was not disclosed, the issue remained.

As if that wasn’t enough, to further her Mexican ties, in 2019 she gave filmmaker Guillermo del Toro a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, already a New Yorker enthusiast. It has solidified the affection of the audience.

Now Lana is set to perform at the 65,000-capacity Foro Sol, and while her detractors don’t believe she can fill the stadium, it’s certain she will to repeat some of her iconic themes, as she did in her performances. Most of the concerts took place in Mexico.

The August 15th performance at the Foro Sol is currently sold out, but there are still tickets available for the next day’s concert.

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