Lana Del Rey Shows New Album Cover and Generates Controversy When Responding to Criticism

A 35-year-old singer said she always cared about being inclusive in her work; fans pointed out that she should acknowledge the criticism she received

This Sunday (10), Lana Del Rey shared the cover of her new album, ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’, with her fans – and ended up generating controversy on social networks.

In the black and white photo, the 35-year-old singer poses alongside several other women. “There is always turbulence and excitement in the middle of that – there are always beautiful songs too. I present you my new album,” she wrote in the caption.

Shortly after posting the image on Instagram, however, the 35-year-old singer left a long comment in the publication to defend herself from questions about the lack of representativeness in photography.

“I also want to say that with everything that’s going on this year! And no, that was not the intention – these are my best friends since you are asking, “she started the text, before adding that not all women on the album cover are white.” My beautiful friend Valerie, from Del Rio, Mexico; my dear friend Alex and my beautiful friend Dakota Rain, as well as my dear Tatiana. These are my friends, this is my life. We are all a beautiful mix of everything – some more than others, which is visible and celebrated in everything I do. “

The singer Lana Del Rey (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Del Rey also stated that representativeness is an agenda that she has always defended. “In 11 years of work I have always been extremely inclusive, even without trying. My best friends are rappers, my boyfriends were rappers. My dear friends came from everywhere. So, before you make comments about minorities again, I am not the one who is invading the Capitol. I’m literally changing the world by putting my life, my thoughts, and my love on the table 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Respect that, “he concluded.

Lana Del Rey justifies new album cover (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

The singer’s comment ended up generating even more criticism. Many followers considered that she was an example of “white fragility” instead of learning from the criticisms she received.

Fans criticize Lana Del Rey comment (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

“A good attempt at manipulation with gaslighting and white fragility in the center. Everything that doesn’t revolve around whiteness and white bullshit 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year is racism against whites, right?”

Fans criticize Lana Del Rey comment (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

“‘I am not the person who is invading the Capitol’ – ‘I am the person alienating many from my fan base and I am not being part of any solution, I am just messing with the **** to ease the white guilt and soften my ego'”

Fans criticize Lana Del Rey comment (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

“Lana Del Rey, I love you so much, but girl … Why did you say that? No one was criticizing, Me… Do you realize how clueless it is to say ‘rappers’ when you talk about ethnicities? I’ll still be your fan, but you have made it difficult “

Fans criticize Lana Del Rey comment (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

“Lana, I love you very much, but I might stop commenting on the posts”

In 2020, Lana Del Rey also sparked controversy on social media for meeting with fans wearing a mask that looks similar to a screen. Fans accused her of being “irresponsible” when images of the event were posted on social media.

‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ is the singer’s seventh studio album. The work will have 12 tracks and should be launched in the first half of 2021.

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