Land registry, the government is saved with the vote of a former grillina

A script that repeats itself. Without major variations. The government is saved by a vote in the House Finance Committee. As happened a week ago. Again on an amendment to the enabling law on tax reform. And always thanks to the withdrawal of a signature. Last week it was Maurizio Lupi (Noi conItalia) who collected the signature. His name appeared at the bottom of a suppressive amendment to article 6 of the law concerning the reform of cadastral appraisals. This time the signature was picked up by Nadia Aprile, former grillina, now in the Misto group. Her name appeared together with that of the members of the current «Alternative there» on another amendment concerning article 6 of the delegating law. This gesture allowed her to vote with the majority and, in fact, to save the government.

Forza Italia and Lega, as last week, had voted against the text presented by the government. And yesterday, at the last moment, the Azzurri and the Northern League announced the vote in favor of the second suppressive amendment. A painful but thoughtful decision.

The amendment to the fiscal delegation proposed by “Alternative is”, which received the support of the center-right, aimed to suppress paragraph 2 of article 6, where some of the most contested provisions by the parties opposing the modification are concentrated of the land registry wanted by the government. In essence, if this amendment were to pass, the delegation to the government to provide with legislative decrees “the integration of the information present in the land registry of buildings throughout the national territory, to be made available starting from January 1, 2026, according to a series of of guiding principles and criteria “.

Concern on the part of the center-right government over the executive’s free hands over new housing taxes made this step necessary. Forza Italia, says the group leader in the Commission Antonio Martino, tried mediation up to the end, putting forward the proposal to start the examination of the text from article one (and not from 6) in order to have more time in the coming days to reach an agreement.

For a failed mediation, a successful mediation is also recorded. It happened in the Public Works Commission of the Senate that yesterday finished the examination of the text of the delegated law on public works, which contains the procurement reform. The mandate for the rapporteur for the plenary was voted and the text was dismissed.

After a long tug-of-war between the majority and the government and the mediation that ended with the agreement reached on five changes to the text, requested by the majority and reformulated by the executive, the commission completed the examination and voted on the mandate to the speakers , Simona Pergreffi (Lega) and Andrea Cioffi (Cinquestelle Movement).

The Commission has in fact approved the five changes requested by the parties to the delegation bill on public contracts. The changes concern, among other things, the updating of prices, the enhancement of micro-enterprises, anomalous offers. With particular regard to the simplification of procedures not only in the phases of assignment and execution but, as already indicated in the Pnrr, in those of planning, programming and design.

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