Larissa Manoela and her adult side in new album: ‘Nothing that shocks’

Time passed and after years of growing up in front of the public eye, Larissa Manoela is now 21 years old.

In her new album, “A Milhão”, released today, the singer and actress wants to show her adult side, but doesn’t want to worry child fans (and their parents).

The voice is no longer that of a child, what I sing is more mature. But no breakage and nothing that shocks.
warns Lari in chat with Splash

American singers like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande followed similar paths abroad. Launched to stardom in their childhood, they bet, however, on sensuality and daring to mark the passage to adulthood. Larissa chooses her own path.

“They inspire me a lot and marked the maturation in a strong way. I want to show this new moment. Growing up was never easy”, he points out.

With partnerships with MC Zaac and the Panamanian Joey Montana, the album mixes pop, funk and reggaeton, following the trail opened by Anitta since her international onslaught.

“Anitta is one of the people who most inspire Brazilians. She is very powerful, knows what she does, is very assertive. She opens the way”, he praises.

In turn, Larissa herself gradually conquers her international space. Her films on Netflix were some of the most viewed productions on the platform outside of Brazil and who knows her music can’t cross borders too?

“Having recognition outside the country is very cool. It’s one step at a time”, he concludes.

yuuht - Fred Othero - Fred Othero

Larissa Manoela has Anitta as one of her inspirations in new work

Image: Fred Othero

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