Larissa Manoela shows off his new tattoo on Instagram on Wednesday (may 25); check it out


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On Wednesday morning (25th of march) we’ll be checking out the new tattoo, Larissa Manoela, which has been heavily criticized by fans. The actress had already done so previously for another tattoo, but this new one has caused some gossip among her followers, for one reason or another, let’s say, unusual. So let’s find out more about this tattoo, which has caused talk of the people.

First-tattoo-for-Larissa Manoela

The actress and singer got her first tattoo at age 16, after getting permission from his parents to still be a minor. The tattoo was nothing more and nothing less than a tribute to his family.

New tattoo

Also posted on her instagram, the actress has made 3 new tattoos, one life, one animal, and the third is the dreaded tattoo-maligned by the fans.

Tattoo-Larissa Manoela on his zodiac sign was the zodiac sign of capricorn, as an actress, was born on the 28th of December, and it was made in the rib cage.

The tattoo of the animal was made at the ankle, and it’s a beautiful paw of the dog

Tattoos are so maligned by followers, it was a tattoo, minimalist and delicate to the plane, as it is a very, very small. The commentaries in relation to the tattoo’s were so small, we found it to be a dot”, and another user has also said that “a very small one, looks like it’s been scribbled on with pen.

Tattoo's are so maligned by Larissa Manoela
The tattoo is so criticized for-Larissa Manoela./Image:Reproduction In Instagram Larissa Manoela

The rest of the tattoos that the singer until he had a fine and has not been criticised, but from what we saw, she didn’t seem to link to the comment and continued, happy with her new tattoo, which according to her, the adoring to have these signs printed on their skin.

Well, this is a tattoo of a Larissa Manoela, which was among his followers, some liked it others not so much. But we all know that what really matters is the taste of the person who made the tattoo.

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