Larissa Manoela talks about the new album that marks the adult phase of her career: ‘Voice is no longer that of a child’ | pop

At 21 years old, Larissa Manoela says that she is experiencing the best moment of her career and personal life. The protagonist of “Além da Illusion”, a six o’clock soap opera, she, who has almost 45 million followers on the social network, has just released the album “Larissa Manoela A Milhão”. The album marks the transition of the singer from the childhood to the adult phase. With more funky beats and a more pop vibe, the interpreter of Elisa shows a maturity even in the lyrics of her songs.

“Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande are artists that inspire me a lot because they have had a career since an early age, each one with their own personality marked this turning point, this maturation, with something strong. , without a break, without doing something that shocks, but that shows the presence of this new moment in my career as a singer”, she explained, who added:

“My voice has gone through a change, it’s not that of a child anymore, what I sing and talk about is more mature, many things I’ve been through. The vibrations, beats, sound effects leave a more adult and dancing vibe, even because I already have 21 years.”

“Larissa Manoela – A Milhão” — Photo: Fred Othero

The album began to be prepared in 2019. There are 10 tracks, one with Mc Zaac and another with Joey Montana. This is the third album of the singer’s career. “I had time to build things up, to mature in these three years. These are songs that reach another place, that have attitude. It’s a moment that I feel very happy, I live the best moment of my career as a singer, actress and in my personal life. The album promises dance songs, vibes, a mix of pop, funk and reggaeton. The lyrics are more mature, based on things I believe in and have lived too.”

Speaking of maturing, Larissa Manoela grew up in front of the cameras. The public followed each phase of the artists, who are now coming of age. She analyzed that she is still getting to know the adult Larissa.

“Growing up is never easy, especially in front of the cameras and, for a while, when people feel they have the right to judge. They are often aggressive and hurt. which is a discovery, I’m still getting to know Larissa. It wasn’t easy, I’m proud of everything I’ve lived. I haven’t stopped being who I am. Today, I look at what I’ve been through.”

Larissa Manoela — Photo: Fred Othero

Regarding the public’s expectation in relation to Larissa’s evolution as a woman and professional, she stated: “As much as there are expectations, the best way to accept oneself is to make our wishes, what we yearn for, without losing personality. accept each other, understand that each one has a personality.”

“Despite having an expectation, you are not there to please everyone and the only thing that matters is that you are happy and loving yourself.”

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