Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke on first TV on Canale 5 with the magic of Christmas

Emilia Clarke is the protagonist of Last Christmas, a Christmas comedy that arrives on TV this evening on Canale 5.

There is a Christmas air also on Canale 5 thanks to Last Christmas. 2019 romantic comedy written and directed by Paul Feigchose as the protagonist Emilia Clarke, a name that leaves little indifferent considering its baggage of previous experiences. She starred in game of Thrones and the fame since then has been his, augmented with other big screen roles such as I before you, Terminator Genisys, Solo: A Star Wars Story And Above Suspicion. Last Christmas is his first Christmas rom com and he shared the experience on set with Henry Goldin and Emma Thompson. The latter is not only present in the cast, as she plays Petra Andrich, but she is also co-writer of the story with Bryony Kimmings.

Last Christmas premiered on Canale 5: plot and cast

The protagonist of Last Christmas, Kate, has a penchant for Christmas: it is no coincidence that she works in a themed shop in central London and usually wears an elf costume, to best fit the part. The shop is open all year round, so you can breathe that Christmas atmosphere 365 days a year. One day she meets Tom, a mysterious boy who manages to snatch a few smiles from her without pretension. They spend time together, but Kate’s life is in chaos. She has lost her home and has chosen to camp temporarily in the shop where she works. Due to an oversight, thieves rob the store and her boss fires her. At that point Kate is forced to turn to her parents. Too bad the girl doesn’t get along with her mother. Luckily Tom is there to cheer her up.

Between curiosity more evident we want to clarify the choice of titlewhich refers to the song of the same name by Wham become a real Christmas catchphrase over the years. In the cast of Last Christmas, in addition to Emilia Clarke who plays Kate we find Henry Goldin in the role of Tom, Emma Thompson who instead plays Kate’s mother, Petra. It’s still Michelle Yeohthe owner of the Christmas shop that Kate nicknamed simply Santa.

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