Last reflection of Dante Gebel: “that they remember us with a smile”

Dante Gebel’s Reflections They’ve already become a classic on the program and each topic he brings to the table gets his viewers thinking about details that could change the way we look at life. On this occasion he mentioned “Laughter Therapy”, convincing that the importance of smiling in difficult times can be of great benefit to the mind. ,How would you like them to remember you on the day you are no more?” said the driver.

,One study found that both men and women put a sense of humor above intelligence, education, career, or sexual propensity on the list of desired needs in a relationship., Laughter is serious,” he said.

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Furthermore, he said: “In the most dire of moments, a disarming smile. A cheerful and optimistic person, she has high self-esteem and cannot take herself too seriously.” Gabel stresses that finding laughter and the moments that lift our spirits can be a great way out of sad moments.

“Laughter is contagious, it is the only virus that has no side effects, and also, it is free for now. So I ask you, how would you like them to remember you the day you are no more? ” hill.

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