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Actress Sandra Bullock decided to pay tribute to her late husband, photographer and actor Bryan Randall, on his birthday on August 5, 2023 One last wish before death.

token of love
As a show of love and respect, Sandra Bullock traveled to the town of Jackson Hole in the Wyoming Rockies to scatter her late boyfriend’s ashes into the Snake River. The actress’ sister shared the exciting moment via Instagram. “Happy birthday, Bry. “Sandy brought you to the river, just like he promised,” Jacin Bullock-Prado wrote in a video showing a snowy scene.

“The Princess Diaries” was one of the most popular movies of the early 2000s and was Anne Hathaway’s acting debut. The mansion that was the front of the high school in the movie was also sold for a large sum of money.

last wish

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Mansion on San Francisco Bay sold for $6.5 million. For the past 20 years, the mansion has been owned by the former CEO of Just Desserts grocery store, and it has undergone numerous renovations since the property was featured in The Princess Diaries. Today, it has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, 12 rooms, an elevator, gym, rooftop garden and views of the San Francisco Bay and forests.

he denies
Recently declassified documents related to the Jeffrey Epstein case mentioned Cameron Diaz, and the famous actress was quick to respond to the implications and deny any relationship with the convicted sex offender .

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“You’ve never seen him”
According to Infobae, Diaz’s rep stressed in a statement to Entertainment Tonight that she “never met Jeffrey Epstein, was never in the same location with him, or interacted with him. any relationship,” and denied the possibility of any connection between Diaz. Beyond the possible mention of his name in the financial titan’s personal circles, they also care about them. The actress’ statement comes after more than 900 pages of court documents were leaked.

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