Latest news about Meghan Markle – the poem’s appeal for the Duchess’s 40th birthday was ignored after the royal family was on Vogue’s list of influential women

Meghan Markle begged fans to send her a birthday poem – but she only has 200 of them so far

The Duchess of Sussex has released a brilliant comedy video celebrating her 40th birthday – in which she launched a new initiative called 40×40.

He sees the Duchess asking audiences, including Adele and Stella McCartney, as well as members of the public, to spend their time “helping women get back into the job market.”

And in a post on her website, Archewell asked for a birthday present for one of her fans – to share a finished Instagram post with the hashtag # 40 × 40 and #CompassionInAction.

The cover of the publication contains a poem that reads: “We give our time to women who give everything. Are you with us? “

The site also offered a suggested comment for people who said, “To celebrate the Duchess of Sussex’s 40th birthday, I spend 40 minutes mentoring or serving on a cause that interests me.

“Please join me in taking your time. Together we can contribute to a global wave of compassion and positive change. “

However, The Sun Online analyzed Instagram posts within 24 hours of the video being posted and found only 217 public posts featuring a short poem designed by Meghan using the 40 × 40 hashtag.

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