Latina, a bather finds a liver in the sea: open investigation

On Tuesday 21 June a batherintent on taking a swim in the sea, ran across in an unexpected and somewhat macabre object: a liver. The chilling discovery has been made at the Lido di Latina near Foce Verde, a short distance from a bathing establishment. The unfortunate swimmer noticed something strange and immediately became suspicious. He could think of everything, but certainly not that there could be a liver in the waters of the sea floating in the waves.

An investigation opened

Immediately after having ascertained that it was the organ itself, the alarm went off, then the immediate intervention of the Port Authority promptly alerted. The liver was recovered by the Coast Guard of the Rio Martino Circomare, coordinated by the commander Samuele Sasso. On the incredible case the Latina Prosecutor’s Office is investigating and the prosecutor Daria Monsurr√≤, to shed light on the matter, and ascertain whether it is a human or animal organ. But above all to understand why it was at sea. In the next few hours, a coroner will be entrusted with the task of carrying out all the investigations in the laboratory and analyzing the organ.

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