Laughter in front of the coffin of the Queen, the new chancellor pinched while grinning: here is the hypothesis

in Westminster Abbey

New Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, sparked criticism on social media after being accused of laughing at the Queen’s funeral in Westminster Abbey on Monday. sitting behind former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson. Online readers have noticed that he was smiling and appearing to be acting distracted during the ceremony, and some accused him of answering a phone call during the funeral. Twitter user @LouisHenwood posted the footage and added the caption: “It’s nice to see Kwasi Kwarteng answer a personal phone call at the Queen’s funeral and have a laugh.” In the images we see Kwasi Kwarteng taking off his glasses, wiping his face and moving around while the others around him stand still. In 2015, the MP was convicted of his behavior in court after he was caught laughing out loud during the debate on the Chancellor’s package of cuts to tax credits of 4.4 billion pounds. At the time, Kwarteng had been criticized for his actions during the debate, in which he appears to be sharing a joke with a colleague sitting across from him.


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