launches Vital Proteins, here are the beauty secrets

Jennifer Aniston reveals her beauty secrets for her anti-aging charm with Vital Proteins. The actress is now, indisputably, an icon of the timeless beauty world.

Since the 1990s, when we first fell in love with her character, Rachel, in the TV series Friends, we are used to seeing it always bright. How does she do it?

Jennifer Aniston: How can she be so beautiful?

Radiant, smooth, without shadows and wrinkles to weigh down her gaze, it arouses envy in all the eyes that observe her beyond the screen. There are many users and fans who, after some time, ask themselves only one question about Jennifer Aniston: but how does she do it?

There seem to be some secrets, tricks and habits that Aniston can’t do without. In the first place, however, he wins over them all the rule of well-being: take care of yourself, do everything that makes us feel at ease.

We had already tackled the issue of taking care of oneself and one’s body, anticipating the new brand launched by Selena Gomez. Fatality wants the young businesswoman to be very close friends with the actress Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston: the campaign with Vital Proteins

Given the countless photos and videos that over the years portray Jennifer Aniston (53), with perfect skin, the beauty routine of the actress has quickly become, with the advent of social networks and trends, a strong topic. interest for the general public.

One of the answers? Vital Proteinsthe collagen-based dietary supplement brand of the Nestlé group.

The launch of the promotional campaign for Vital Proteins was organized in Italy on October 30th. The protagonist is Jennifer Aniston, who well represents and highlights the company’s values.

On the main TV channels we will see Jennifer Aniston as the testimonial of one of the fundamental messages of Vital Proteins.

The intent is to enhance the meaning as much as possible through the expression “Make your every Moment Vital“. The campaign will run for two weeks starting in October 30, 2022.

This new project wants to involve customers by bringing them closer to the daily care of themselves. The habits and products of the company, combined together, can guarantee a good result like the one exemplified by Jennifer Aniston, who seems to have been using and consuming Vital Proteins for years now.

The message of Vital Proteins

Elements such as self-care, beauty and well-being are promoted by the company on all social channels and in the various post captions, always remembering how important health is: to put first.

The actress, who was nominated chief creative officer company in 2020, is now the face of the new Vital Proteins campaign. Here’s what he said:

It’s small moments, whether it’s meditation or movement, that can make a big difference in ours routine from Welfare. The new Vital Proteins campaign wants to be a source of inspiration to think about our wellness programs

Jennifer Aniston: the Vital Proteins routine

In addition to the commercial, there will be albums of unpublished films, images and personal photographs, never seen before, which tell the story of Jennifer Aniston’s wellness journey and how her daily routine with Vital Proteins® supports every phase of her commitment to well-being.

“I love the fact that Vital Proteins gives me the ability to look and feel my best, despite all my busy schedules,” added Jennifer Aniston.

“My routine is to add Collagen Peptides Vital Proteins® to my cup of coffee or my morning smoothie. It’s so easy to use! ”.

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