Laura Chiatti, the vent without brakes on Instagram: “Ignorant!”


Laura Chiatti, the vent without brakes on Instagram: “Ignorant!”, what happened to the actress, that’s who they are addressed to his words in detail.

Laura Chiatti vent
Laura Chiatti, the hard rein on Instagram: “Ignorant!”, that’s what happened to the actress

Laura Chiatti it is one of the most popular actresses of the Italian cinema. Happily married with Marco Boccialso he super below, is often active on social media and says a lot of his daily life. His profile Instagram, among other things, is particularly clicked and has 1 million followers. Everyone knows Laura, who has been the protagonist of numerous films that have made the history of our cinema, as Manual Of Love, I want You and many others. The actress, as we said, is also very active on Instagram, where often public moments of his life mother of the little Enea and Pabloor even moments of daily life with her husband. No shortage of sometimes of criticism, but Laura is always very direct and answers without a filter to the allegations, asserting her reasons. Just by the way, the character is very forthright and sincere, a little while ago, the actress has given Instagram its hard vent: “Ignorant!”, has written. With who was he? Let’s find out together!

Laura Chiatti, the hard rein on Instagram: “Ignorant!”, here is with the one who has the actress

Laura Chiatti is always very present and active on social, where she shares a lot of his daily life. The actress has a very strong character and open and always says what he thinks, even at the cost of sometimes be unpopular. A little while ago, for example, is vented without brakes on Instagram. What is success? We try to explain now! In this period of emergency Coronavirus, all italians are in the house for quarantine. Or at least it should be. Laura, who is spending this time at home with his family, he is thrown back against all those who do not comply with the order of the Government and continue to come out for reasons, and anything else that is needed, and thus the increase of infections. The post Laura is based on the data. And are really hard to digest. The actress stresses that in China in three months there were 3100 dead for the Covid-19, while in Italy, less than a month after the explosion of the epidemic, have been counted already 3400. 300 more than in less than half the time. Numbers really terrible, that would require reflection, but above all, a better observance of the ‘restrictions’ imposed by the Government to try to stop the contagion.

Laura Chiatti post vent
Laura Chiatti, here is the post that you has published a little while ago on Instagram, and his harsh words

“Continue to go out! Ignorant!”writes Chiatti, that looks really furious and extremely concerned about this terrible situation, which for the moment seems not to mention to improve.



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