Lauren Cohan reveals the origins of the Negan and Maggie spin-off

After the end of The Walking Dead, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) e Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will return in Isle of the Dead, a spin-off entirely dedicated to them. But these weren’t always AMC’s plans. In fact, in March, AMC announced that it had given the green light to the Isle of the Dead. The first season, consisting of six episodes, will show us the two former arch enemies traveling together in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

Plans for a spin-off on Maggie and Negan have been in development on AMC Networks tables since 2019, including a possible Negan movie. But nothing has moved until a few days ago, now that The Walking Dead is nearing the end.

Here’s what he said Lauren Cohanexclusively to ComicBook, about the spin-off and how it was decided to give the green light:

I know there have always been three, maybe four options for how Maggie would end up in a spin-off. For Maggie or Negan, there were a lot of ideas. I think this story that Eli Jorné came up with, which is the one we’re going to use to shoot the first season of Isle of the Dead, is really powerful and such an interesting way for fans to see these characters continue their journey.

Regarding the rinput with Negan and Maggie’s future he added:

I mean, Jeff and I are over the moon because he’s completely serving who I am and where they’re going to end up at the end of Season 11. He’s somehow even more tense than they’ve been throughout the 11th season. season. So it’s good for us because I feel I can carry on things about Maggie that I wanted to explore more, and this opportunity with Isle of the Dead and the conflict with Negan is a great opportunity to do so.

Eli Jorné will be the showrunner of the spin-off series produced by Scott Gimple, chief content officer of the TWD Universe. The filming is expected to begin this July in New York. The airing of the first season should take place during the first months of 2023.

Isle of the Dead Official Synopsis:

Isle of the Dead will show us Maggie and Negan intent on traveling in a Manhattan post-apocalyptic now separated from the mainland for a very long time. The city will obviously be populated by zombies, but there will also be many survivors of one New York now prey to anarchy and terror.


Produced by AMC Studios, based on the comic series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. In the United States The Walking Dead broke audience ratings over the course of ten seasons.

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