Lauren Jauregui said that it also people, pansexual

Thus, as cara Delevingne, singer Lauren Jauregui, a former member of the group Fifth Harmony, also identificeret themselves as “pansexual’. During a conversation with a journal Paper, artist, 24 years old, regretted that “attitude to ??????????’ was placed at the bottom of your mind, when she was a child.

Call ‘pansexualidade” has the meaning “a person’s sexual orientation, which can be attraction, romantic or sexual abuse of other people, regardless of their gender and sex.”

For Jauregui, she believes that she was ‘induced’ perceptions on harmful gay during his childhood, and recognizes that homosexuality is ridiculed girls, “in the circle” when it was the audience.

She said: “I Think for many of us, this little tyrant in our bodies that white supremacy puts in there. I personally went imposed on Catholicism as well. I went to Catholic school, it’s homophobia came into my system before. To the point, I’m in love with my best friend for seven years, no matter nothing,” he recalls.

Lauren said that you have to deal with “internal problems” during this phase of his life, and found that ‘became’ with his girlfriend, in secret, fearing the consequences of their actions.

“We, as a goddess. We stayed in a holiday; and we loved each other, but we both knew that we were not able to admit it, neither for ourselves, still less for others. This caused a lot of pain for us. Girls in my circle if they just thought we were lesbians (don’t have to prove, anyway), you would be mocked. I went through a lot and still have internal problems that must be overcome in relation to their female attractiveness. I also have this feeling inside of me when I was attracted by a woman, I’m afraid to flirt because I don’t want to be too aggressive or too scared, or feel that men do when they’re flirting, don’t want, you know?”, justified.

Now, Lauren, if it considers that the person is ‘solved’, but admits that it is still “struggling” with these feelings inside.

The decrease of activity in social networks

The singer informed fans that gradually fades a little in the social networks to find the means to more “impressive”, “the struggle for justice”. The singer, 23 were in Instagram, show that we should reduce their activity in social networks amid protests in the United States.

The message explained his decision: “I want to go from social networks to organize me in real life and to see what my role in this struggle,” he wrote.

“I’m trying to upgrade people, but I’m sick of this imbalance”, he criticized.

Lauren was active in social media in the first days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but I think it’s time to take a break from Instagram.

“I spend 9 hours of direct seeing and retweetando and trying to change the mind slowly, and to arouse the sympathy of people but this job you have to go beyond the social network, and I know much more about it,” he said.

The singer insisted that you are still determined to fight for justice, but looking at the more impressive that his voice will be heard:

“I will not fade I’ll just back up a little, and again the balance in my life that I did not get sick and can’t do something important, instead, to come here angry and frustrated. I love you all and hope that you never find your balance and find ways to keep their mental health stable at the moment, it’s all very intense, and everything is in order,” he said.

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