Law Roach, who is the celebrity stylist who redesigned Zendaya’s style

15 Incredible Zendaya Looks That Revolutionized Fashion

And how much an artist today must also be a creative director of himself, a bit like the stylists at the head of the big brands have become who, in addition to designing, must know how to think laterally, have one eye on communication and the other on merchandising? Hard times those of multitasking, but also full of opportunities and creativity in a collective format.

Zendaya on the cover of the July issue of Vogue Italia, styled by Law Roach

The most interesting experiments, in fact, are those that are the result of great teamwork where the celebrity, absolutely self-aware and protagonist of the decision-making process, is no longer an object but rather acts as conductor of the orchestra, while designers, photographers, editors, stylists and journalists no longer play solo but in unison. In the July issue of Vogue Italia you will find a Zendaya who looks like a fantastic characterstraddling the ballerina of a Russian ballet from the early 1900s and a Barbie with rubbery and attractive colors.

to look around, this new way of mastering one’s image, more aware but also more creative, is everywhere: the return of Ghalistill with Ramona Tabita and Gucci, but more street and less scenographic, and that of Kendrick Lamarbrainy in the musical product as much as in the look, with a quilted jacket by Aspesi by Lawrence Steele and a crown of thorns on his head.

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