Lawyer’s Day: Why is today August 29th Lawyer’s Day in Argentina?

This Tuesday, our country celebrates Lawyer’s Day in honor of Juan Bautista Alberdi, the central figure in the formulation of the national constitution. I know the story.

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This Tuesday, August 29th, like every year, lawyer’s day in our country The date was enacted in 1958 and was born in honor of one of the leading politicians of the 19th century, such as Juan Bautista Alberdi.. I know the story.

Lawyer’s Day: Why is Today Celebrated in Argentina?

Lawyer’s Day in Argentina is celebrated on August 29 as the anniversary of the birth of Juan Bautista Alberdi.was born in San Miguel de Tucuman in 1810. This date he was enacted in 1958 by the Federation of Argentine Lawyers (FACA).

Lawyer’s Day: Who is Juan Bautista Alberdi?

Alberdi was a lawyer, jurist, economist, member of parliament, writer, musician, Author of “Fundamentals and Starting Points of the Political Organization of the Argentine Republic”a text believed to be the source of the 1853 National Constitution.

Alberdi was one of them “Generation of 37 years”a group of young intellectuals They considered themselves sons of the May Revolution and opponents of the government of Juan Manuel de Rozas. Among them were Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Juan María Gutierrez and Esteban Echeverría.among others.

John Baptist Alberdi

The dispute forced the lawyer to leave Buenos Aires and settle in Montevideo.. However, after some time he had to go into exile again. His destination was France, where he met another hero of Argentina like General José de San Martin.

After the fall of Rosas at the Battle of Cáceros (1852), Alberdi wrote the foundations and starting point of the political organization of the Argentine Republica book considered to be the cornerstone of the current constitution.

Alberdi was then elected to the parliament of Tucumán province. However, new political conflicts with Bartolome Mitre and Julio Argentino Roca forced him to leave the country for the second time, to France. finally, Died June 19, 1884at the age of 73, Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris), but his memory is indelible in Argentina.

Lawyer’s Day: When is it celebrated internationally?

Every year on February 3rd, International Lawyer’s Day is celebrated around the world to recognize the achievements of lawyers who are committed to a more just world.. This celebration is held in honor of the professionals who represent the people in legal defense in due judicial and administrative proceedings. So is who advises and gives advice on legal matters.

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