Laysla de Oliveira: who is the companion of the actress in the series Special Operations: Lioness?

Since the end of July, Paramount+ puts an episode of the spy series online every week Special Ops: Lioness, in which actress Laysla De Oliveira plays a spy who infiltrates a terrorist group. When she is not on film sets, the actress recharges her batteries alongside her companion, actor Jonathan Keltz.

The war between the streaming platforms is raging more and more, and they are all trying to do well with each other’s more ambitious series. If Netflix targets a particularly adolescent audience with its numerous comedy series, for its part, Paramount+ has chosen thriller and action, and has notably relied on director Taylor Sheridan to oversee the platform’s various projects. It is he who is at the origin of the creation of the universe of the series Yellowstone in which Kevin Costner plays the modern-day cowboy. He is also the one behind Tulsa Kingwhich stars Sylvester Stallone as a mobster completely dumped after spending more than 20 years in prison.

This summer, Paramount+ released Taylor Sheridan’s new series, Lioness: Special Ops: Lioness. The latter tells the story of Joe, played by Zoe Saldana, the head of the Lioness program, who recruits Cruz Manuelos, a young Marine in order to infiltrate a terrorist group. An intense series which allows the public to discover the actress Laysla de Oliveira, who plays the spy who goes behind enemy lines. A promising actress, who shares her life with an actor well known to fans of Christmas TV films.

The husband of a rising star

Since 2014, Laysla de Oliveira has been married to actor Jonathan Keltz. The latter is known for his roles in the series Surroundingsin which he plays Jake Steinberg, as well as Reign: The Destiny of a Queen, where he lends his features to the character of Leith Bayard. For several years, the latter has often appeared in Christmas TV films like Once upon a time there was a prince, Or Royal love at first sight.

It was in 2014 that he met Laysla de Oliveira, whom he married in 2017, as the couple announced through social networks. The two newlyweds are both united outside and on film sets. In 2021, they responded to each other in the series Nine Films About Technology. Today showing in the series Special Ops: Lioness which is a real success for Paramount+Laysla de Oliveira continues her rise in the world of Hollywood, alongside her husband, Jonathan Keltz, who supports her in all her projects.

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