Lazio, Lotito’s promise to Sarri after Sunday’s interview

ROME – Sarri asks Lotito for the left-back. Lotito asks for other victories a Sarri. Supportive and united, Lazio president and coach begin to look alike in tickling and soliciting themselves. They exchanged laughter and requests after the victory over Bologna in an atmosphere of joy and complicity. They often talk at the end of the game, the interview on Sunday inside the Olimpico, which took place laughing and joking but not so much, had the sense of a market summit. Lotito let slip the half promise of “a last gift” talking to the coach, with a smile on his lips, he encouraged him even more to win and win again. The market will close on September 1st, when Lazio will have already faced Turin and Inter. The final cadeau, accompanied by eight purchases of 50 million, can arrive, but it is always linked to the outgoing market rather than to the results. To add a left-handed full-back you need to sell Hysaj, wanted by Mau a year ago and a year later placed among the expendable. For the Albanian full-back, no appetizing offers have arrived after the Valencia poll, he is convinced to stay, for days he has been looking for a new Roman home. Until the last never say never. There would also be another possibility, it is related to the departure of Fares, left redundant. The Algerian has recovered from the injury in Turin, he has been stopped since January, so far no one has felt inclined to aim for it.

There is Casale for Turin-Lazio.  Luis Alberto pushes, Immobile juggler

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There is Casale for Turin-Lazio. Luis Alberto pushes, Immobile juggler

Lazio, the scenarios

Lotito does not pretend not to know, he knows that Sarri needs a natural winger on the left, that would be the icing on the cake. He has spent like never before, he is willing to make a last market stunt if the conditions are met to carry it out, perhaps by closing a purchase with a right or obligation to redeem in a year. «It is clear that having a natural accident would guarantee us something more in terms of offensive development, but also of construction from below. A right-footer has some difficulties in coming out from behind, let’s see how the situation evolves “, Sarri said on Sunday. The favorite, for a year, is Emerson Palmieri. The dream is fading, yesterday it was given close to West Ham, ready to offer 15 million to buy it outright. Nice had moved, Juve had thought of it. The Hammers can close. If Emerson fades, always taking into account an exit in Formello, the coach and the club will have to evaluate new tracks on the left. Udogie was Sarri’s dream, banned for Lotito without the sale of Milinkovic and went to Tottenham. Marcelo, after his farewell to Real, was a suggestion, more for the fans than for the club. The Lazio people would like to welcome Emanuele Valeri, 23, under contract with Cremonese, Roman and Lazio by birth. In January the coach asked Parisi for Empoli, valued at 15 million. There are definitely Mister X.

Lazio market, Luis and Ilic

The left-back is the only desirable shot in the final, reiterating that the mission is prohibitive due to the difficulties in yielding. Sarri does not give up, he would like to Ilic of Verona for the midfield, regardless of Luis Albertoit is impossible for Lotito to take it from him without the transfer of the Spaniard. The Magician will stay, said the director Tare before the match against Bologna, the president also pushed for a point to be put on the market soap opera with Sevilla. Many, in Lazio, inside and out, are trembling in anticipation of the closing of the market fearing a final assault launched to snatch Milinkovic. The dangers can come from the Premier. United, after losing De Jong, did not close for Rabiot, there was a slowdown due to the economic demands of the French. Lotito was clear even after Bologna, only indispensable offers presented by top clubs will be evaluated. Sergej said and said no to Newcastle. United can be a pitfall.

Lazio, Romagnoli's promo video for the season ticket campaign

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Lazio, Romagnoli’s promo video for the season ticket campaign

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