Lazio, Sarri recovers a piece in defense: today’s session

FORMELLO - Lazio, Sarri recovers a piece in defense: today's session

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FORMELLO – Patric in a group, available for Thursday’s game. Sarri recovers the Spaniard, who left the interval on Sunday due to intestinal problems. Yesterday he rested, in the afternoon he trained with his teammates. He is in a run-off with Gila to support Romagnoli in the center of the defense: he could catch his breath and return from the beginning with Fiorentina, in the first two European games it was the 2000 class who supported the former Milan. Two places for three on the flanks: Lazzari returned with Spezia from a muscle problem, Hysaj is looking for a relaunch, Marusic today left the match early as well as Immobile. Sarri should have simply spared both of them the final part of the match on a reduced pitch. Radu at the moment seems to be behind in the race for the jersey.

EVALUATIONS. In the pits there is Casale, the only one absent from today’s session. Doubt in the direction between Cataldi and Marcos Antonio, then all open with Vecino, Luis Alberto, Milinkovic and Basic running. Evaluations on the opponent and on the accumulated fatigue, twice in the Europa League the coach has associated the Uruguayan and the Magician with Cataldi. In front of one between Pedro and Zaccagni to complete the trident with Immobile and Felipe Anderson.

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