Le Pen’s party rejoices, “Italy teaches the EU a lesson” – Politics

“The Italians have given a lesson in humility to the European Union which, through the voice of Mrs. Von Der Leyen, has claimed to impose the vote. No threat of any kind can stop democracy: the European peoples raise their heads and take in their hands their fate! “. Jordan Bardella, MEP of the National Ressemblement and candidate for president of Marine Le Pen’s party writes in a tweet.

Moody’s, significant challenges for the new Italian government
“The next Italian government will have to face a number of significant credit challenges, firstly implementing the NRP, managing issues related to energy supply and energy prices, as well as managing the burden of debt which is vulnerable to negative growth, financing costs and inflation developments “. This is the comment of the rating agency Moody’s on what awaits the new government in Italy, after the first exit polls on today’s vote.

The Polish premier on Twitter: ‘congratulations Meloni!’
“Congratulations Giorgia Meloni!”. This is the tweet with which Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki rejoices after the exit polls of the Italian elections. Meloni and Morawiecki at Eurocamera are both part of the Ecr group.

Vox rejoices: ‘Meloni shows the way to a free Europe’
“Tonight millions of Europeans put their hopes on Italy. Giorgia Meloni has shown the way to a proud, free Europe of sovereign nations, capable of cooperating for the safety and prosperity of all”: wrote Santiago Abascal on Twitter , leader of the Spanish Vox party.

Afd: ‘with friends Meloni and Salvini strong right in Italy’
“Let’s cheer for Italy! Congratulations to the entire center-right alliance. Together with friends Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, you can build a strong right-wing government. Sweden in the north, Italy in the south: left-wing governments are those of yesterday” . German MEP and AFD deputy leader Beatrix von Storch writes in a tweet