Lea Michele: espiá their tattoos and what are their symbols

Lea Michele it went from being a promising child star to one of the most amazing actresses and singers of his generation. What you might not be aware of it and its delicate, small tattoos, that represent several significant moments in its history. Let’s take a look at his private collection of tattoos.

  • After that he learned about the unexpected death of her ex-boyfriend, american actor Cory MonteithRead was tattooed in his honor, the number 5 to one side of the body, for the t-shirt of Quarterback that is always used in the series Glee.
  • Michele has a tattoo very sweet on the ring finger of his right hand, which is a simple cup of coffee. It reminds him of his grandmother who recently passed away. She was the one who gave him his first sip of coffee was 8 years old.
  • In the back of your right wrist is written the words “I Believe”as a constant reminder to have faith in spite of adversity. In his right foot has a small and delicate blue butterflya symbol of strength and transformation, said in an interview to E!
  • you can see in his left foot the word “Imagine” in cursive, iconic song John Lennon and tribute to his devotion to this legendary figure.
  • Read has on the left side of his chest, the words “My Angel Now”that , according to were written in memory of his late grandfather.
  • You can see in his right foot in the phrase “Our City, Our Love”addressed to Cory like that other phrase that apparently mentioned the last time we talked: “If you say so”.
  • A tattoo representative are the tiny musical notes that is in his left shoulder, which reflect his love for singing.
  • On the front left side of the waist of Leah, have a tattoo of bird that represents your freedom.
  • On the right side of his hip was tattooed a butterfly. It was his first tattoo and he did, accompanied by her mother, who has another of the same and in the same part of the body.
  • Michele sports a tattoo of a gold star on her left wrist, a metaphor about your goal as a professional.
  • On his left index finger looks a red heart as a symbol of the tireless pursuit of his soul mate.

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